ROR1 targeting soloMER – drug conjugate

Through our collaboration with Almac Discovery, the series of novel ROR1-targeting protein drug conjugates, utilising the advantageous properties of soloMERs, were developed and offer great therapeutic potential for the treatment of a wide range of oncology indications.

The lead ROR1 soloMER drug conjugates (ADP-c389 and ADP-c390) are well tolerated and show excellent in vivo efficacy in pre-clinical models of cancer, including complete and durable regressions in TNBC patient derived xenograft models.


About NDureTM

    • NDure is a soloMER that targets human serum albumin, a plasma protein, with high affinity and selectivity.
    • NDure extends the serum half-life of fused therapeutic peptides, antibody fragments, proteins  soloMERs (fused to either/both N and C terminals) from a few hours to several days giving a predicted half-life of 19 days in human.
    • Flexible re-formatting enables the development of multi-specific, bi-paratopic products.
    • NDure was developed to bind different albumin species including non-human primate, mouse and rat to facilitate final product pharmacokinetic development in pre-clinical models of animal disease.
    • NDure is patent protected.
    • Elasmogen has compiled a comprehensive pre-clinical data package demonstrating the advantages of NDure, fused to different therapeutic modalities.


Access to Elasmogen’s

proprietary soloMER® generation platforms


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