SoloMER™ Technology

SoloMERs™ are small (11 kDa) and stable proteins that have squeezed a fourth binding loop into their single domain format and crucially are derived evolutionarily from a non-antibody lineage, placing them outside the complex/competitive antibody patent landscape.

Elasmogen has isolated soloMERs™ to novel targets and where antibody formats have failed to deliver. In addition, Elasmogen has isolated soloMERs™ to novel epitopes on a broad portfolio of disease targets, delivering increased potency and superior efficacy to current antibody formats.

Their small size and simple protein architecture facilitates flexible reformatting, making them ideal for systemic and site-specific delivery such as topical, implant and gut. These properties also allow superior drug conjugation efficiencies and drug chemistry options.

soloMER™ generation is delivered via our immunisation facilities and/or from our diverse synthetic libraries (in excess of 100 billion clones) with both approaches protected by a portfolio of granted patents in the US, Europe and other geographies.

Unique to Elasmogen, and critical for rapid therapeutic development, we have granted patents that cover soloMER isolation, humanisation, multimerisation, conjugation to biomaterials and half-life extension for enhanced systemic exposure.

soloMERs™ are superior to and differentiated from more traditional antibody platforms as they are pre-disposed to bind novel or cryptic epitopes (“canyon-binders”), seeking out pockets or grooves in protein targets. soloMERs can deliver the equivalent neutralising potency as antibodies, but from a protein only 9% their size.

Their simple modular formats express well in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems. soloMER re-formatting is “plug-n-play” with bi and tri-specificity and/or bi-paratopic potency achievable with a final molecular weight of only 25 – 35 kDa.