soloMERs® are Elasmogen’s proprietary biologics platform delivering a pipeline of disease targeting domains with differentiated binding interactions resulting in new mechanisms of action. Their simple architecture enables rapid reformatting to generate effective multi-functional therapeutic products.

Our pipeline focus is to deliver multi-functional products for the treatment of immune-related diseases including targeted soloMER drug conjugates and orally delivered bi-specific products. 

Our pipeline also includes novel radiopharmaceutical therapies (RPT) that exploit the highly specific, high affinity and multi-functional advantages of our soloMERs® platform.

reformatting of soloMERs® 

The simple, single-chain nature of soloMERs® enables rapid reformatting into different drug products, tailored for optimal therapeutic efficacy. The advantages of small size, such as greater tumour and tissue penetration, can be retained whilst increasing the functionality of the product by creating dimeric and trimeric soloMER® fusions. Furthermore, the PK of these constructs can be tailored through the inclusion of our proprietary albumin binding soloMER® , NDure®.  The amenability to both N– and C– terminal molecular fusions without loss of function or favourable biophysical properties has led to the creation of a portfolio of empirically designed multivalent soloMER® modalities.

By applying our robust but rationally informed reformatting techniques, a range of multi-valent, biparatopic, multispecific soloMERs® with enhanced in vitro potency and in vivo efficacy have been created. The soloMER® Quad® is a family of multispecific or multi-paratopic human IgG1 Fc fused soloMERs® , exhibiting super-potent activity in disease models.


soloMER® Drug Conjugates (SDC)

An advanced drug class that combines small molecules and biologics has been successfully developed based on soloMERs®. Site specific conjugation of linker-payloads to soloMERs® in various product formats has not affected their potency and have demonstrated  excellent efficacy in models of human disease.

soloMER® Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (sRPT)

Radiation therapy is one of the main pillars in the treatment of cancer. Half of cancer patients receive external beam radiation, though effective in shrinking some tumours it causes extensive damage in healthy tissue and is not effective on metastasis. Radiopharmaceutical therapy (RPT) is a rapidly expanding new therapeutic direction. Elasmogen has developed a pipeline of sRPT products to specifically target and deliver radioisotopes into tumours resulting in cell death.

oral delivery 

Formulation of biologics for oral delivery is one of the most ambitious and disruptive development activities in the antibody therapeutics space. This approach will revolutionise patient care; most importantly improve drug safety and efficacy especially for site-specific disease targeting, e. g. IBD.

We are developing a pipeline of multi-functional anti-inflammatory soloMER® products for oral delivery to treat a wide range of diseases.